I’m a Cambridge Consultant!!!

Hi All,

I know it has been radio-silence for a very long time but I have been a busy bunny!

Not only have I been jet-setting around the world giving talks on diabetes (yes… I went to Australia!!! :D) but I have finally been on my course and passed my accreditation to become a fully fledged Cambridge Consultant!

Currently based in Crystal Palace in South East London, I am looking to build a local client base and pass on my experience from doing Cambridge.

As you all know from my blog, it has been challenging at times, by my lord has it been worth it to see those numbers go down.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my consultant and mentor, Delia who I know will continue as a great support for me. But I would also like to thank you wonderful readers and people that have commented and kept in touch.

To keep you up to date at my end… I was maintaining at a good 62kg and have put on a bit after travelling. I am however doing the equivalent of stage 4 just to try and restore the balance before Christmas so I don’t go too mad. The new year is always the best time I feel to push things up a gear. But I have re-joined the gym and have started spinning twice a week which I surprisingly love. It feels so good to move my body again after a hectic few weeks  🙂

Anyway, please share my blog and if you are London based and thinking of giving Cambridge a try, please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Relapse and rebound!

So I have eaten everything in sight following a week away at a conference, the common cold aka ‘the plague’ and some bad personal news…

I’m currently 10st 2lb so I managed to curb it before the ballooning really started! Nonetheless, I went back on step 2 yesterday and want to drop as much as possible as I’m off to another conference in Australia mid November.

I’m doing my Cambridge consultant training next week and I feel like the relapse is going to be good for it. It helps stay connected with how hard dieting can be and yet I know from previous loss that Cambridge is fantastic when you just push through that! We are all human and life still happens but a bad day, week, month or year doesn’t have to define what you do next.

So even if everything is going tits up… You can change it going forward! I’m trying to realign my mental state and focus on getting happier and healthier again. I’m planning to move house I’m the next 6 weeks which will be so exciting and then I can start consulting properly from home. Can’t wait to start seeing clients and helping people reach their goals 🙂

Thanks for reading! X

First 5km

Woo hoo!!! Feeling so happy I finally did a 5k!
I’m semi off-plan as I have a few intense work weeks but glad I’m still meeting other life goals 🙂
Have a great weekend everyone!


Post-holiday update!

Hi everyone,
I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks but I have been super busy!
I went to Sweden for my mum’s wedding followed by two weeks in the south of France 🙂 a great holiday but terrible for the diet!

I went to see Delia last night and clocked in at 10st exactly, half a stone on over three weeks so now it’s straight back on the plan at step 2 for a few weeks. I enjoyed the holiday a lot but I’m not convinced it was worth that much weight gain… But at least I know for next time! And the beauty of Cambridge is that you know for certain that you can shift the pounds again!

I never realised quite how evil bread was until I ate about 20 baguettes whilst away… The bloat is horrendous! I stopped eating bread when I started Cambridge and I’m so glad I did! That was my main holiday downfall as I was staying with people and eating what they did.
After the bread, cheese and wine weeks, I have to say that my body was screaming out for Cambridge and I feel SO much better for a few days back on products!

In other news, I applied to become a consultant myself before I left and had my phone interview today which was successful! So I’m booked onto the course in October – very exciting!

Hope all your diets have been going well and thanks for reading! Xxx

Running on empty!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Now this is likely to be my least motivational post in a while. Last weekend marked the end of a 12 days in a row stint at work and I had three friend events with drinks! I only had one food binge on the Saturday but the drinks added up!

Too much burning the candle at both ends, combined with terrible weather, left me exhausted and with a very nasty cold/sore throat by Sunday!

So I’ve felt rubbish all week but have had so much to do before I go on holiday and the stress is interfering with my sleep which makes everything worse! So I decided to just have a few days off dieting which has been liberating! Although I’ve already regained 1kg! Yesterday was a complete binge though and today I’m regretting it, I feel bloated on top of coldy which is not ideal but recognising it means it won’t become a habit!

I’m really happy with where I’ve got to but it just feels like I’m pushing too much now so I need to take a step back and look after myself or I’ll spiral the other way! I wanted to push to lose the last 3kg but I can do that after holiday too, it’s not the end of the world.

I think sometimes you just can’t do it all and I certainly can’t work like I have been, fight off a nasty cold and diet all at the same time! My priority is to get well before my mum’s wedding next week 🙂

So today is a mixture of Cambridge, fresh fruit and salad and I’m going to make some health juices over the weekend with my juicer from my juice diet days to put myself back on track! Sleep is going to be a must as well, need to give my body time to recover!

I think the key is that if you need a break, take it but make sure it’s temporary and you don’t slip back to bad habits! 1.5 weeks away from my bikini-beach time is probably the worse time to take a break but I just need it and this is still the thinnest I have been on any holiday which is great 🙂

Stay positive, know yourself and your limits and remember that we’re human!

Have a great weekend! X

Time For Cambridge Step 4

So it’s been 2 weeks since my last Cambridge weigh in and I have lost 3lb which, considering the water weight problems I’ve been having, is fine.
I know from last Friday that my body is only about 59.5kg and the running has just been interfering a bit.

However, on Danny’s advice after I was feeling a bit frustrated, he got the tape measure out and I’ve lost 2cm off my waist, 2cm off my hips, 2cm from my bum and 1cm off each thigh showing the running is paying off!

My amazing new running clothes arrived from Fabletics and I love them! So I’m going to keep in running and know that it’s helping even if it’s not reflected on the scale yet!


With only a few pounds to go now, I’m moving up another step to step 4 which is about 1200 kcal per day. This is split into the following:

• Eat two Cambridge Weight Plan products per day

• Eat a breakfast of 150kcal or 250kcal

• Eat a lunch of 200kcal or 300kcal

• Eat a dinner and dessert of 370kcal

• Drink 284ml/½ pint of skimmed milk, which can be added to your tea and coffee and breakfast

• Drink at least 2.25 litres/4 pints of fluids 

This offers loads of flexibility to my day and I’m hoping it might even help boost the weight loss 🙂 I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for reading! X

Little Friday Update!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Just wanted to do a very quick blog as this morning I weighed in at 59.5kg (9st 5lb) which is a huge achievement for me! Despite the fluctuations un weight the last few weeks, it proves that sticking to your guns works out eventually!

I’ve gone 5 days with no running due to crazy work hours and the water retention has gone but I’ll be running again this weekend as I do want to get fitter!

Also bought a bikini yesterday and didn’t look half bad!

Have a great weekend everyone and if you’re dieting  stay strong, it pays off! X